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airplane crash in a storm with lightning

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•  US airlines spent 3 billion dollars per month on fuel costs alone.


•  An average of 5% of all flights are affected by thunderstorm delays.


•  Average holding pattern time is 30 minutes for those flights.


•  Saving minutes saves millions in fuel costs


•  Lightning is responsible for more than $5 billion in total insurance

    industry losses annually, according to Hartford Insurance Co.


•  4% of  all insurance claims are a result of lightning.


•  Homes are more susceptible to lightning damage because electronic 

   systems have become more interconnected.

Public Safety

•  Outdoor recreation represents 2.2% of the total US GDP


•  Nearly unlimited market source with 10k state parks and 15k golf

    courses to name just 2 sources.


•  Already have a commitment from Tennessee State Park and recreation      including all Tennessee golf courses.

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