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The First In Lightning Prediction

Before Satellites, We Could Not Predict Hurricanes

Before Radar, We Could Not Predict Tornadoes

And Before FLASH...

We develop cutting edge algorithms and technology to pair with emerging datasets and elastic computing to solve complex problems and give weather insights never thought possible. 

Our Services

Our Technology

Climate change will increase lightning frequency by 50% through 2100. Lightning prediction was the first problem we solved.


We detect the all important First Strike with up to a 99.6% Accuracy and with a 15 to 25 minute lead time.


We can also predict the Last Strike, alerting when it is safe to resume normal activities. This can save 10 to 15 minutes from the normally utilized 30 minute window.


Flash’s algorithm has been tested and proven on 3,000+ storms of all types and during all seasons.

Case Study 1


Delta Airlines lost $125 million in revenue due to a continued 30-minute ground stop rule from storm activity on April 5th. Cancelled flights continued for 5 days.



The IP algorithm was run on archived radar data and would have saved 30 million dollars by indicating periods of  diminished lighting threats within the 30 minute blocks and would have been able to reduce unnecessary cancellations and re-routes.



Atlanta Airport

April 5th, 2017

Our Team

The Flash team is made up of research meteorologists with a combined 30 years in lightning research, and industry experts representing the largest potential market for monetary gain, namely the aviation industry.

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